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About Me

I was born in Portsmouth, UK and raised in Stavanger, Norway. I read Creative Music Technology at the University of Surrey, where my biggest regret was not auditioning for the University Challenge team.

I have nearly a decade of experience in arts marketing, and my clients have included City Music Foundation, Newbury Spring Festival, National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain, Bath Festival Orchestra, Saffron Hall and NW Live Arts. I have also worked for Britten Sinfonia, the Association of British Orchestras and Newnham College, Cambridge.

I am a pro-active and organised freelance marketing professional with a demonstrated history of working in the in the arts, and a particular focus on - and passion for - classical music. I am knowledgeable about areas of arts marketing including print production, audience development, website management, social media, content creation, box office management and database management. I pride myself on writing excellent copy, suitable for the audience it is intended for. I also have lots of experience of and fondness for creative marketing including design, videography and photography, and I am a strategic thinker.

When not in my natural habitat of Glastonbury Festival, I can be found knitting, playing video games until the wee small hours, or taking photos on my DSLR camera.



A pro-active and organised freelance marketing professional with a demonstrated history of working in the in the arts, and a particular focus on, and passion for, classical music. In nearly a decade working in the industry, I have worked with orchestras, choirs, opera companies, venues, festivals, promoters and artist managers. I have experience of promoting concerts in some of the UK's top concert halls including the Barbican Centre, Wigmore Hall, Saffron Hall and Kings Place, and have promoted a range of events in smaller locations from village halls to livery halls, and from cathedrals to hospitals.

Freelance Arts Marketing

Jan 2018 - present

Taking on freelance work alongside of my full-time job for over four years, in May 2022 I decided to become fully self-employed. I have worked with a diverse range of clients from orchestras to venues, festivals to promoters using the full mix of marketing.

Marketing Consultant, Opera Rara (Feb 2024 - present)

Opera Rara’s mission is to restore, record, perform and promote the lost operatic heritage of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Opera Rara is a unique combination of opera company, recording label and live operatic archaeologist. We search for neglected operatic masterpieces and restore them to life for contemporary audiences to enjoy. Working with the best singers, conductors, orchestras and musicologists, we are at the cutting edge of the opera world, leading the expansion of the repertoire and encouraging other opera companies to explore new and unknown rediscoveries.

Visit Opera Rara's website for more.

Responsibilities include:

- Managing marketing campaigns for CDs and concerts

- Managing Opera Rara's monetised YouTube account

- Project managing the development of a new website for Opera Rara


Marketing Manager, NW Live Arts (Apr 2022 - present)

NW Live Arts creates stimulating live classical and world music performances to inspire new musical encounters, challenge preconceptions and empower communities to forge a lifelong relationship with music.​ Life can be confusing and sometimes traumatic and each of their concerts focusses on a social theme such as migration, climate change or mental health. Using music and other art forms, we enable communities to explore these complex issues safely and with.

Visit NW Live Arts' website for more.

- Twitter followers up by 83% between 2022 and 2024
- Instagram followers up by 72% between 2022 and 2024
- Facebook followers up by 28% between 2022 and 2024

Responsibilities include:

- Managing all social media channels and generating content.

- Stewarding donors, assisting with writing funding bids and monitoring CAF.

- Designing marketing materials including flyers, posters, social media images and programmes.

- Managing the website and writing blogs.

- Writing copy and writing mailings using Mailerlite.

- Photography at workshops and rehearsals.

Marketing Manager, Newbury Spring Festival (Jan 2023 - Jun 2023; Dec 2023 - present)

Newbury Spring Festival is a glorious fortnight of world class music in Newbury and its beautiful neighbouring villages, with up to 45 events in 18 venues, and where international symphony orchestras, ensembles and soloists rub shoulders with jazz legends, world music artists and the stars of tomorrow.

Visit Newbury Spring Festival's website for more.


- Instagram followers up by 29% during 2023
- Facebook followers up by 16% during 2023
- Twitter followers up by 3.25% during 2023

Responsibilities included:

- Planning and delivering the marketing strategy for the Festival

- Designing flyers, posters and social media graphics

- Advertising the Festival to the local community

- Liaising with the box office

- Managing the website

- Responsibility for marketing budget

- Photography at events

Communications & Events Manager, City Music Foundation (Oct 2022 - March 2024)

City Music Foundation is a charity based in the City of London which develops, promotes and manages exceptionally talented emerging solo performers and ensembles early in their careers. CMF Artists benefit day to day from the experience and expertise of the CMF Team, and the extensive network of music industry professionals and established professional musicians who support CMF. 

Visit City Music Foundation's website for more.

- Facebook followers up by 24% in 2023
- Twitter followers up by 45% in 2023
- Instagram followers up by 99% in 2023
- LinkedIn followers up by 248% in 2023
- YouTube subscribers up by 9% in 2023


Responsibilities included:

- Writing and sending newsletters using Mailchimp 

- Website management, generating content, updating CMF Artist pages, liaising with web developer

- Marketing CMF concerts and events through social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)​, print, listings.​​

- Planning and managing logistics for CMF events and on the ground support running the box office and laying out the venue.

- Design and arrange printing for all event programmes and other promotional material.​

- Managing ticket booking through CMF's e-commerce website.​

- Support for CMF Artists by liaising with CMF Artists and web designer over creation of new websites, supporting CMF Artists with social media when required.​

- Prepare marketing reports for board meetings and attending board meetings.

- Event photography.

Communications Officer, Newnham College, Cambridge (Jan 2024 - present)

Newnham College is the lively and sociable women’s College at the heart of the University of Cambridge. Founded in 1871, it is the oldest College run by women, for women.

Visit Newnham College's website for more.

- Re-designing, writing and sending the monthly newsletter to over 8000 Newnham College alumnae

Marketing Consultant, Saffron Hall (Sep 2023 - Dec 2023)

Saffron Hall is an award-winning 740-seat performance space built in the grounds of Saffron Walden County High School.

Visit Saffron Hall's website for more.


Responsibilities included:

- Overseeing brochure production for the Spring 2024 season ensuring consistency and accuracy across many concert listings.

- Writing press release to announce Spring 2024 season.

Marketing Consultant, Cappella Newcastle (Jul 2023 - Sep 2023)

Cappella Newcastle is a chamber choir based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne directed by Simon Lee.

Responsibilities included:

- Planning and delivering a recruitment strategy

- Delivering training on social media for choir members

- Auditing the choir's website and making suggestions for changes to copy

- Producing a set of brand guidelines

- Giving advice on marketing campaign planning

Events Officer, Newnham College, Cambridge (May 2022 - Oct 2022)

Newnham College is the lively and sociable women’s College at the heart of the University of Cambridge. Founded in 1871, it is the oldest College run by women, for women.

Visit Newnham College's website for more.

- With the Deputy Development Director: managing the annual Telephone Campaign, which in 2022 raised over £180k (target c.£155k).


Responsibilities included:

- Managing bookings to events using Eventbrite (free and paid-for).

- Communicating with Newnham’s alumnae via email and MailChimp.

- Marketing Newnham’s 150th anniversary festival and being a ‘Room Manager’ during the festival, which had over 2000 bookers.

- Maintaining and interrogating Newnham College’s database (The Raiser’s Edge) and running financial reports.

- Managing the annual Telephone Campaign (fundraising campaign) and liaising with contractors over this.

- Managing room bookings, accommodation, invitations, catering, entertainment, parking spaces, speakers and more in the complex College environment for events including Cambridge’s annual Alumni Festival and stewardship events for legacy donors.

- Working with the Roll & Development Office team on a £25 million fundraising campaign.

- Photography at events.

Further, smaller projects have included:
- Designing leaflets, invitations, brochures and programmes for Bath Festival Orchestra.

- Writing copy for Norfolk & Norwich Festival's brochures, classical strand.
- Writing copy for Cambridge Live's classical season brochure.
- Writing copy for Kings Lynn Festival.

- Writing press releases for National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain.

- Print distribution for Academy of Ancient Music.

- Writing blogs and designing graphics for Rebecca Yates London.

Marketing Manager, Britten Sinfonia
In 1992, Britten Sinfonia was established as a bold reimagining of the conventional image of an orchestra. A flexible ensemble comprising the UK’s leading soloists and chamber musicians came together with a unique vision: to collapse the boundaries between old and new music, to collaborate with composers, conductors and guest artists across the arts, focussing on the musicians rather than following the vision of a principal conductor; and to create involving, intelligent music events that both audiences and performers experience with an unusual intensity. 
Visit Britten Sinfonia's website for more.

Jul 2018 - May 2022

Achievements included:


  • After less than two years at Britten Sinfonia I was promoted to Marketing Manager.

  • Brought much of the orchestra's design and videography in-house.

  • Directed, shot and edited many promotional films for example this

  • Photograph I took of a performance of Holst's Savitri at the Barbican Centre featured in the classical music press including The Times

As part of a team:

  • Achieved over 100% of £166k sales target for 21-22

  • Achieved over 125% of £200k sales targets (despite covid)

  • Achieved over 120% of £250k sales targets

As social media manager: 

  • Facebook likes Oct 2016: 2700; May 2022: 5000

  • Twitter followers: Oct 2016: 19k; May 2022: 23k

  • #ComposersAsChristmasSongs trending on Twitter in December 2018

  • YouTube subs: Oct 2016: 101; May 2022 269 / Total views Oct 2016: 72k; May 2022 94k

  • Instagram: Oct 2017 0 followers; May 2022 3427 followers


Mailing list subscribers:

  • Oct 2016: 1200

  • May 2022: 4015

Responsibilities included:

  • Campaign planning and implementation for own-promotion concerts and other activities.

  • Overseeing regular mailings and writing direct mail letters.

  • Managing Britten Sinfonia’s input into the Student Pulse scheme in London.

  • Managing the box office at Britten Sinfonia's concerts in Norwich and Cambridge.

  • Liaising with the Concerts Department for pre-concert talk arrangements.

  • Providing marketing support and advice to promoters working with Britten Sinfonia both in the UK and abroad.

  • Management of all social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn), planning and creating content, growing followers, keeping a consistent voice, following the zeitgeist.

  • Developing and delivering a digital strategy with the Communications Director to ensure that Britten Sinfonia remains at the forefront of digital techniques and technologies.

  • Working with the Britten Sinfonia team and players to generate content to be used on the website and social media.

  • Filming and editing videos using professional cameras and iMovie/Final Cut Pro X.

  • Managing the production of Britten Sinfonia's concert programmes from gathering information to the print stage, working with a designer to typeset them, latterly, producing all concert programmes myself.

  • Producing all freesheet programmes using InDesign.

  • Designing content such as gifs, website/social media graphics, posters, flyers, programme covers, and assets for advertising online using InDesign and Photoshop.

  • Assisting with a major brand refresh project with the Communications Director, including an overhaul of design and a re-skin of the website.

  • Photographing rehearsals and events.

  • Planning, writing and sending press releases and maintaining Britten Sinfonia’s relationship with the local press.

Trustee, Lincolnshire International Chamber Music Festival

Jan 2020 - Oct 2022

I was invited to join the Board of Trustees after working closely with Lincolnshire International Chamber Music Festival in my role at Britten Sinfonia. As an executive board, as well as being a director of the company and trustee of the charity, I also play a key role in managing the day-to-day runnings of LICMF, mostly in the area of marketing. As well as marketing, other responsibilities include fundraising (individuals, trusts and foundations, crowdfunding), financial scrutiny, business planning and front of house duties at concerts.

Virtual Festival (2020)
After the cancellation of the Summer Festival 2020 due to coronavirus, we ran a 6-day Virtual Summer Festival. I was responsible for the marketing strategy, which included planning the campaigns, growing our social media presence, setting up a YouTube for LICMF, delivering an email campaign, writing copy, and scheduling the videos for release on social media. I also edited all of the videos and worked closely with the Artistic Director to help her film introductions to each concert. Alongside the virtual events, I ran a very successful crowdfunding campaign to help us recover artist costs. Consequently, the whole event more than broke even.


Summer Festival 2021

I ran the marketing campaign and box office for a socially distanced Summer Festival, which saw over 500 tickets sold for 10 concerts across five days. Alongside this I was instrumental in a major overhaul of LICMF's individual giving schemes, which launched during the Festival and proved very popular.


September Festival 2022

I was responsible for planning and delivering the marketing strategy for LICMF's September Festival in 2022, as well as driving volunteer recruitment and Board recruitment. 

Marketing Assistant, Britten Sinfonia

Oct 2016 - Jul 2018

This was a creative and administrative role supporting the Marketing Director.

Achievements included:

  • Successfully lobbying the senior management team for an Instagram account.

  • Innovative marketing ideas, such as a Q&A with a fictional character for a children's concert series.

  • After just one year I took on sole responsibility for marketing Britten Sinfonia's popular 'At Lunch' series at West Road Concert Hall (Cambridge), The Halls (Norwich) and Wigmore Hall (London).

Responsibilities included:

  • Contacting guest artists and agents to source publicity materials.

  • Liaising with and distributing marketing materials to promoters.

  • Maintaining online concert listings.

  • Assisting with the production of print publications including writing copy, sourcing imagery and proofreading.

  • Organising direct mailings.

  • Organising leaflet and poster distribution.

  • Ensuring Britten Sinfonia's archive was kept updated.

  • Implementing a market research programme.

  • Maintaining Britten Sinfonia’s database.

  • Monitoring ticket sales.

  • Attending concerts, setting up front of house and co-ordinating stewards.

  • Co-ordinating VIP seating and tickets.

  • Sending press releases to the local press.

  • Updating the website.

  • Analysing the usage of Britten Sinfonia’s digital platforms.

  • Copywriting and copy editing.

  • Monitoring general enquiries by website/phone.

  • Managing Britten Sinfonia's student work experience scheme.

University of Surrey


BMus (Hons) Creative Music Technology (2:1)

Please do contact me if you would like assistance with your marketing projects.

Newnham College Alumna

"Well done on a very interesting newsletter!"

Bath Festival Orchestra

"That's exceptional work. What you've done with the logo... it's such a good idea!"

City Music Foundation

"You have worked very hard and quickly become integral to the team"
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